Over the last 15 years I have focussed heavily on the problem of sex addiction. This came about as more and more clients were coming to me because of a a crisis related to compulsive sexual behavior. I decided to invest much time and money to obtain the best training available on the phenomenon. I learned that the world’s authority on the subject was Dr. Patrick J. Carnes. I engaged in a 3 year process of getting all the training available from Dr. Carnes and completed the requirements for certification. At present a goodly percent of my practice involves treatment for sex addiction. The following are some of the issues I, along with others on our staff, treat:

The process begins with a comprehensive assessment and follow-up treatment plan. We will tailor the regimen to the client’s level of need. This may include individual therapy, homework assignments, and attendance at recovery groups or it may entail a more structured and focussed approach such as our Pathway to Freedom Intensive Outpatient Program.