I have been specializing in the area of marital/couples counseling for over 25 years. I incorporate an integrative approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit. I have been influenced by such theorists as Salvador Minuchin, Murray Bowen, John Bradshaw, and probably most prominently, John Gottman. Being a practicing Christian, I utilize the wisdom of the Bible in applying infallible principles toward the betterment of human relationsips. While I am upfront with my clients concerning my worldview, I don’t try to impose my spiritual values on my clients. I have been able to work very effectively with people from a wide array of religious orientation, including people of no faith. Through a comprehensive interview and clinical assessment, conflicts, issues, and concerns may be identified, and treatment goals mutually determined. The psychotherapy treatment process should feel safe and respectful. Clients develop the trust necessary to learn and improve communication and establish effective coping skills. The psychotherapeutic relationship is a vehicle for life enhancement, allowing both husband and wife to fulfill aspirations for personal growth, self-improvement, reduce stress and facilitate relationship growth and healing.

It is my firm belief that relationship work requires a healthy balance between care for self and other and communication skills to make change and maximize growth within a relationship. Connection, intimacy, and life-long confidence can be restored for the couples who are willing to learn these skills.

My clients inform me that they find me warm and engaging right from the initial contact for treatment. I am committed to partnering my clients on their journey toward a life that is filled with the passion, joy, and happiness each of us desire--and so rightly deserve.